At a ceremony on Lymington Town Quay on 12th December 1998, Lymington Amateur Rowing Club’s Vice President, Alan Goodall, a local well known farmer and Proprietor of Goodall’s Strawberry Farm personally performed the launching of the clubs new coastal four bearing his name. A significant boat, as it was the first in a long line of coastal fours built by Burgashell emanating from a mould built and supplied by Lymington Rowing Club members.

It was fitting that this initial craft should be named after Alan Goodall, a longstanding member and supporter of the rowing club who joined when Neil Williamson was captain shortly after his son Brian (now currently a Vice President) joined in 1968.

In 1969 Alan became a member of the committee and it was in that year at Southsea Regatta that he witnessed his son, Brian, sinking with his crew whilst coxing Lentuna 1 and subsequently bought him a life jacket. Alan then wrote to the ARA (now BR) encouraging the use of life jackets for coxes, which later became enshrined in legislation.

During the 1970s and 80s Alan fulfilled the role of club chairman for many years until handing over to Don Lane, who preceded Colin Fagan and later to date Mark Viner.
It is worth a mention here that prior to his Lymington Rowing Club days, Alan had given his time to organising youth activities in his neighbouring village of South Baddesly.

During many years as a loyal member of the club he lent his support in numerous ways participating in the everyday running of the rowing club, rarely missing a committee meeting, making available space around the Goodall’s farm yard facilities for the parking of the club’s minibus, trailer and any surplus boats which could not be racked at Lymington’s Quay Road boathouse. There were also generous donations during the strawberry growing season, for punnets of strawberries to be made available for sale at Lymington Regatta, fundraising and social events making a useful contribution to club funds.

All in all Lymington Amateur Rowing Club benefitted greatly from Alan Goodall’s membership and it is a tribute to Alan that there is still a Lymington coastal racing four to be seen on the Lymington River bearing his name.

By Colin Fagan

LARC President 2020

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