I started rowing in 1993 after my father desperately tried to find something to calm his wayward son. Although I seemed to pick up rowing quickly it was really the social side of being part of a club which really hooked me. I only raced once in 1993, it was at Bournemouth where we came last in the heat of novice, not really a very spectacular start!

That winter our new coach Gordy Stilwell put together the best novices from the previous year, myself (16), Al Keir (16), Stuey Wilkins 20 and an ex marine Rob Patton (28). Gordy was one hell of a character, himself coached by Colin he trained us hard however equally encouraged us to party hard as well! We won the first regatta at Ryde in 1994 after winning all the heads followed by a solid year coming mostly third. 

In 1995 I returned in the summer from a year away at college ( I failed!) to find a dominant junior four that I just couldn’t manage to break into and only won two races in the pair.

1996 we had a very good Junior/senior four winning six times although it wasn’t to be as Coalporters pipped us to the post in the last regatta to win the championship by one point!

The next three years the club had up to three competitive senior four crews coached by Colin which so often came close but didn’t quite cross the line.

Then began the purple patch! We won at Worthing in 2000/2001 as well as winning the coastal fours head and Marc and I being runners up in the senior pairs championship. Marc and decided to change direction in 2002 and row pair and so began the best rowing season of my life. After winning Ryde by some way in a pair, new members David Mans and Rupert Davis wanted to team up and row a four. It turned out to be a good idea, eight wins in the four and ten in the pair rapped up both championships and the clubs first representation in the Biddeford bowl race which we sadly last by a canvas.

In the following years, I was lucky enough to win the pairs championship in 03,04,05 losing only three races in that time with partner Al Keir a shared championship with Al in 07 followed later.

I won two more pairs championships with Rob Maltby in 2011 and Geoffrey Fryer in 2012.

I coached the ladies junior championship four in 2011/South Coast Champions and the ladies senior championship four in 2012, a busy few years.

Only the occasional pair and fours win followed in 14,15,16 when I finally gave up chasing the pewter in senior. Becoming forty had one upside, I could become competitive again and return to fours racing picking up the Vet (Masters) 40 championship in 18/19 seasons.

In Summary:

1994 win novice at Ryde

1996 junior/senior fours runners up

2001 senior pairs runners up with Marc Tremain

2002 senior pairs winners (Marc Tremain)  and senior fours winners

2003 senior pairs winners (Al Keir)

2004 senior pairs winners ( Al Keir)

2005 senior pairs winners (Al Keir)

2006 senior pairs runners up (Rupert Davies)

2007 senior pairs shared championships winners (Al Keir) with Marc and Ru

2008 senior pairs runners up (Al Keir)

2010 junior sculls runners up

2011 senior pairs winners (Robert Maltby)

2012 senior pairs winners (Geoffrey Fryer)

2015 senior pairs runners up (Jack Bladen)

2018 vet 40 four winners and South Coast champions

2019 vet 40 fours winners 

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