17th September 2019

Lymington ARC is extremely disappointed following this weekend's break in and the theft of over £400's worth of fund raising for new equipment and supplies. It has left many of our talented J16 & J18 squads heartbroken that their hard work throughout the summer in raising the money has been ruined.

The money was stolen from a secure location within the clubhouse whilst the majority of our members were absent at this season's South Coast Rowing Championships down in Dartmouth.

In an effort to recover the money, LARC is putting out an appeal for donations using a GoFundMe page but we are now using this opportunity to try and give our junior rowers a bit of a boost after this horrible piece of news.

Not only is the club aiming to reclaim the full £400, we are now raising money for a new set of sculling blades which would be used by our youngsters at competitions throughout the winter and into next summer.

Further details about the fund raising campaign are available below:

Please show your support for Lymington Rowing Club once more and donate if you wish!


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